About Shekinah

“SHEKINAH MINISTRIES”, is an inter-ritual Lay Catholic Evangelical movement founded in the Archi Eparchy of Thrissur, Kerala, India in the Great Jubilee Year of 2000 AD. ‘SHEKINAH’ is a Hebrew word meaning the ‘Glorious Presence of God’. Shekinah Ministries stands for bringing the glorious presence of Christ to this world in all the possible ways we can. Today,Shekinah Ministries branch out to 13 sub ministries led and coordinated by Santhosh Karumathra, a much sought after lay preacher belonging to the Arch Eparchy of Thrissur. He has been preaching the Good News of Jesus for the past 25 years. Since inception, we are engaged in conducting retreats, conventions, spiritual seminars and charismatic gatherings all over India as well as abroad, especially among the Kerala Christian diaspora. Shekinah Ministries is committed to helping people from all walks of life, experience the unconditional love and unending hope found only in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

These are mainly evening conventions, that somewhat turns out to be a kind of Lord’s festivals. Huge crowds gather together to hear and receive the Lord’s word. There will be great manifestations of His Mighty Power that leads to repentance and submission to Christ. Rosary prayers, Holy Mass , Praise and Worship, Preaching of Gospel, Eucharistic Adorations and other spiritual activities help the people to commit their lives to the only one worth it.

Our History

The Vision Led Us To Different Missions:

“My people have gone into captivity because they have no knowledge”, says the Lord in Is 5:13.Shekinah Ministries was brought forth through Br.Santhosh Karumathra acknowledging this melancholy of our Lord. The visions listed above led us to carry out different missions for the Lord.

It was very important that we receive these missions from the Lord and completed it completely according to His will.For this, we commited ourselves to prayer for a very long time.This is how, the INTERCESSION MINISTRY of Shekinah was born.From the very beginning, we have a group of commited people who have entrusted their lives to Lord, spend their days in prayers for the missions of Shekinah as well as for the whole world.Today, we receive prayer requests from all over the world through phone, post and mails and we jointly pray for them.

We clearly knew that the Lord gave birth to Shekinah Ministries to be His instrument to prepare the world for a second Pentecost.It was with the sole aim of winning the lost souls for our Lord that Shekinah set out for OUT-REACH SERVICES.From very humble beginnings, Lord blessed our efforts to preaching the Good News to huge crowds across India as well as abroad.

Sprouted from a tiny seed with it’s work field confined to retreats and conventions, the Lord gradually extended it’s branches to zones beyond our realm of imagination, reinforcing it’s roots with the motto ‘For Jesus, Only For Jesus.’Stepping into the MEDIA MINISTRY was a huge step for us. But, when Lord asked us to take the leap, we did it and the result proved Lord’s guidance.The weekly episodes of ‘Mahathwathin Sannidhyam’ telecasted through Shalom Television did a great harvest for the Lord.’Mission Fire’ in Shalom Television, ‘Puthiya Pentakusta’ in Goodness Television, ‘Yesu Innum Jeevikkunnu’in TCV were the other Television services.Meanwhile, Lord helped us to use the SOCIAL MEDIA platform also to spread the Gospel.

Perhaps the most ambitious and challenging mission that we have taken up for the Lord and His Church is the SHEKINAH TELEVISION NEWS CHANNEL.Miraculous heavenly interventions and church nurturances, especially through Thrissur Archbishop Mar Andrews Thazhathu and Shamshabad Bishop Mar Raphael Thattil, have made this dream of launching a news channel to be a reality.Anchoring on positivity, we wish to heighten the ‘hope-level’ of our viewers by revealing the rainbow beyond the dark clouds. In short, our programmes will be inspiring than entertaining, empowering than exciting, redeeming than refreshing.

Meanwhile, Lord directed us to start certain other ministries like Shekinah Kids(A ministry for children), Priscilla (A ministry for married women), Theophilus Ministry (A ministry committed to strengthen the spiritual leaders with prayer and penance), Pauline Ministry(A ministry to strengthen those who are new to Christian faith), Mizpah Fasting(A ministry to strengthen church and church authorities with prayer and penance), Printed Media Ministry, Mission Ministry………

Shekinah family is now moving forward under the mighty hands of our Lord, breaking miles of ignorance and making urgency of penance in the hearts of many…..