These were the words of the prophet cum priest when the lord appointed to lead Israel.The people of Israel were going through a big adversity.It was the timewhen the glory of God departed from Israel due to to idolatry and disobedience to Lord’s commandment (1 Sam 4:22).Furthermore there was a possibility of attack by philistians at any moment.Under these circumstance the prophet Samuel made the declaration.”Assemble all Israel at Mispah”(I Sam 7:5).So the people of Israel gathered at Mispazh fatsed the whole day,confessed their sins and devoted themselves enyirely to God.(1 Sam 7:3-6).Following this we see a mighty intervention of God in an incredible manner.As the philistians drew near to battle agains the Israel,the Lord thundered with a great thunder on them and discomfited them(1Sam 7:20-11).To put it briefly all Israel gathered at Mispah in time of there distress and turned to the Lord and he answered their prayers through amazing ways.

Mispah Mission of Shekinah

The lord bestowed Shekinah with the ministry of ‘Mispaz Fatsing’ based on the biblical events mentioned above.The word ‘Mispaz’ was revealed to brother Santhosh Karumathra on anight of Dec 2015 while he was in prayer.As he prayed for the interpretation the lord instructed to start a ministry to fortify the church through prayers and sacrifices.When the church member pray with a single heart for the church,God will perform miracles. And thus originated the mispah fasting ministry.Mispah is a bibilical word meaning ‘Watch tower’.Each member participating in this ministry commits a specific day of every month to pray for the church.Accordingly every particiopant become the keeper of the watch tower of the church through their fasting,acts of sacrifice,adoration of holy eucharist on that particular day.

Be alert and always keep on praying for all Lord’s people fufoeres St.Paul in ephesians6:18.Aren’t we supposed to respond positively to his appraisal atleast once in a month?.”You also must help us by prayer”. says St Paul again in 2 Cor 1:11.Do we give anecessary importance to this verse?

By being a participant in Mispaz fasting we are fulfilling a great responsibility consigned to us.Let us ther be the blessed children of our church.May lord help us for the mission

Holyspirit teaches us through prophet Samuel is that ceasing to pray is a sin.Prophet Nehmiah sets a great example by fasting,crying and praying for the calamity faced by the temple of God and its people.When peter was imprisoned the church mebers gathered and interceded with a single heart for him.As aresult Peter was released miraculously by the angel of the lord.St Paul also teaches us to pray persistently for the church authorities and the various church ministires.