“My people have gone into captivity because they have no knowledge”, says the Lord in Is 5:13.Shekinah Ministries was brought forth through Br.Santhosh Karumathra acknowledging this melancholy of our Lord. We clearly knew that the Lord gave birth to Shekinah Ministries to be His instrument to prepare the world for a second Pentecost. It was with the sole aim of winning the lost souls for our Lord that Shekinah set out for OUT-REACH SERVICES since 2002.It was Fr. Antony Alukka from Thrissur archdiocese that Lord used to guide us in the initial phase. Gradually, Lord used Shekinah Ministries to spread the Good news in different parts of the world. Still, The Almighty One continues His mighty deeds

Residential Retreats

Be with the creator

The five days Residential Retreats gives God’s people a rare opportunity to separate themselves from their routine life and spent the time in a real spiritual atmosphere. Five days(normally) away from home and all worldly responsibilities gives some lone time to be with the creator and to evaluate one’s own present state. The Bible studies, praise and worship, Eucharistic adorations, confession, Holy Masses, Spiritual Sharing…. will surely help the retreatants to become a new creation in Jesus Christ.

Lord’s Festivals

These are mainly evening conventions, that somewhat turns out to be a kind of Lord’s festivals. Huge crowds gather together to hear and receive the Lord’s word. There will be great manifestations of His Mighty Power that leads to repentance and submission to Christ. Rosary prayers, Holy Mass , Praise and Worship, Preaching of Gospel, Eucharistic Adorations and other spiritual activities help the people to commit their lives to the only one worth it.

Bible Conventions

Shekinah Koynonia

Festival of God’s Love

These are one-day services arranged at different places. This is an SMA initiative and so all those who love Shekinah Ministries and those who want to do something for the Lord along with Shekinah come and pray together and ask for Lord’s guidance in their lives as well as in Shekinah Ministries. Spending time together in sharing and strengthening each other helps in a spiritually refreshing experience.